Youth Rally 2009. I have participated in youth Rally before but not like the fhabco youth rally of 2009. The presence of the Holy Spirit was in place. I would like to congratulate the host (Sister Rachel Dalzon) and her helpers. I would like to send a special note to Dr. Charles Jones (Youth Pastor). This man went above and beyond. Staff has well. Job well done! I give thanks to God and I would like to encourage each and everyone to ask this question: Whose report do I believe? As long this question is alive while you are on earth, you’ll find the answer, and them you will live a life, matching the report that Jesus has for you before God. 

Our Senior Pastor (Antoine Villard Fils-Aimé) is outstanding. No word to describe his wisdom. I said that before, I will repeat it for a second time and if I have to, I will go for a third time. When you are a supervisor, your vision may seem to be big but you can only go as far as your boss allows you to. We thank God for our Pastor (AVF). Everyone Job is to pray for him as he is a human like everyone.
2010 is tomorrow, what do you think? Should the youth prepare for a greater event...? 
Rev. Cansky Masson